fast1 W3S2 [fa:st US fæst] adv
1¦(moving quickly)¦
2¦(in a short time)¦
3 fast asleep
4 be stuck/held fast
5 be getting/be going nowhere fast
6 not so fast
7 fast by something
moving quickly
Slow down - you're driving too fast.
a fast-moving river
Johnny ran off as fast as his legs could carry him (=running as quickly as he could) .
happening in a short time
Kids grow up fast these days.
The survivors needed help fast.
How fast can you get the job done?
fast becoming/disappearing/approaching etc
Access to the Internet is fast becoming a necessity.
It all happened so fast I didn't even notice I was bleeding.
3.) fast asleep
sleeping very deeply
Nick was lying on the sofa, fast asleep.
4.) be stuck/held fast
to become or be firmly fixed and unable to move
The boat was stuck fast in the mud.
She tried to pull her hand free, but it was held fast.
5.) be getting/be going nowhere fast informal
to not succeed in making progress or achieving something
I kept asking her the same question, but I was getting nowhere fast.
6.) not so fast
spoken used to tell someone not to be too eager to do or believe something
Not so fast. We've got to prove it first, haven't we?
7.) fast by sth
literary very close to something
fast by the river
play fast and loose with sb atplay1 (30), stand fast atstand1 (25), thick and fast atthick2 (2)
moving very quickly: at high speed, like lightning, at top speed, flat out
doing something quickly: quick, rapid, swift, prompt, speedy
happening quickly: rapid, speedy, meteoric, at an alarming rate, in no time
fast 2
fast2 W2S2 adj
1¦(moving quickly)¦
2¦(in a short time)¦
4 fast track
5 fast road
6 fast film/lens
9 fast and furious
10 somebody is a fast worker
11 fast talker
13 make something fast
14 fast friends
[: Old English; Origin: fAst 'firm']
moving or able to move quickly
a fast car
He's one of the fastest runners in the world.
doing something or happening in a short time
The subway is the fastest way to get downtown.
The company must give a faster response to clients' requests.
The rainforests are being chopped down at an alarmingly fast rate.
I'm a fast learner.
3.) ¦(CLOCK)¦ [not before noun]
a clock that is fast shows a later time than the real time
That can't be the time - my watch must be fast.
five minutes/an hour etc fast
I always keep my watch 15 minutes fast.
4.) fast track
a way of achieving something more quickly than is normally done
on the fast track
a young actress on the fast track to fame and success
5.) fast road
a road on which vehicles can travel very quickly
6.) fast film/lens
a film or ↑lens that can be used when there is little light, or when photographing something that is moving very quickly
7.) ¦(COLOUR)¦
a colour that is fast will not change when clothes are washed
8.) ¦(SPORTS)¦
a fast surface is one on which a ball moves very quickly
9.) fast and furious
done very quickly with a lot of effort and energy, or happening very quickly with a lot of sudden changes
Arsenal's opening attack was fast and furious.
10.) sb is a fast worker informal
used to say that someone can get what they want very quickly, especially in starting a sexual relationship with another person
11.) fast talker
someone who talks quickly and easily but is often not honest or sincere
12.) ¦(WOMAN)¦
old-fashioned becoming involved quickly in sexual relationships with men
fast cars and fast women
13.) make sth fast
to tie something such as a boat or tent firmly to something else
14.) fast friends
literary two people who are very friendly for a long time
→↑fast food, fast-forward, fast lane,make a fast buck atbuck1 (1), pull a fast one atpull1 (10)
fast 3
fast3 v
[: Old English; Origin: fAstan]
to eat little or no food for a period of time, especially for religious reasons
Muslims fast during Ramadan.
fast 4
fast4 [i]n
a period during which someone does not eat, especially for religious reasons
Gandhi drank some orange juice to break (=end) his three-week fast .

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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